DC Motor Controller
Rugged power terminals and large heatsink area are assets to produce 500A motor currents for this
controller. The internals contain a current reference, cycle-by-cycle current regulation with UVLO,
smooth interacting temperature sensing and internal fan circulation. A fan on the heatsink (finned side) is
responsible to aid in heat removal for the Power Center. The interface is fully opto-isolated, easing
communication to the Power Center while maintaining full electrical isolation on the input side. The
throttle is also isolated, protecting the user from hazardous voltages present on some potentiometer-type
input motor controllers. On-off control from the 24V battery pack tap is accomplished with a power
optocoupler, providing power-up and power-down control of the internal gate drive electronics. When
the ENABLE is not powered, no power is consumed from the 24V tap. Current draw is roughly 260mA
when the Power Center is running. The New Heatsink has fins on the long side and is oversized to ease
installation. It has provision for the fan and corner mounting instead of a separate bracket to hold the fan
and mount the unit down (smaller pics below). The overall size is 12L x 8W x 6T including fan.
Earlier heatsink configuration with axial fan / enclosure