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I created this page with a dual purpose, one of which was to remind me what my day to day duties consist of as a
hardware manufacturer. The other was to give a glimpse to the viewer what's going on here as well. I hope to update
it at least weekly.(well, that's been more monthly -or more- looking to better that going forward)
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Right here
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2/2/11 Having another coupler made to mount on the blower pulley from the back. This should allow the offset to be
correct with little runout. Board builds are on track, getting ready for springtime builders. More to do - back to work...
3/11/11 Ok, its time for some really big news, Belktronix has moved to Tracy Ca! With closer access to the bay area
with a peak at the Altamont windmills, its time to get settled here and back to EV work. The move has taken longer
than desired with a few more trips to go, things should soon be getting back to normal. Thanks to all for your
patience in the process and happy EV'ing!
3/31/11 Twenty days later and things are still moving. Processed some web orders, getting reorganized to the new
shop layout. Lab is functional, need to get some workbenches and storage shelving for the shop to help organize
things. The Dyno is moved but not setup just yet, considering a horizontal arrangement to ease motor changes
without the need for a hoist. Tested a batch of CHP cells from Pete, have a few low ones to swap for hopefully better
ones. Also tested a 70Ah CALB cell at 500A with surprising results. Would like to test out their 50Ah cell to see how
well it would do, it might be a Pba killer for short range (25mi) range EV's. More to do, back to work!
6/6/11 Oops! Was hoping updated were sooner than later. Have a pack of 38 Li cells tested, wired and installed in
the Scirocco in combination with the Pba pack up front. Went 7 miles today no issues. Charging a split pack uses 2
contactors to open up the + side of the packs so the chargers can terminate at different voltages. A resistor between
the 2 packs lets some pack-pack balancing take place after the charging is done, the lead being float charged while
the Li pack discharges slightly into it. Need to re-cable the Pba side for more current, cable down the Li pack to be
more resistive to limit discharges to 300A while the Pba handles the rest. Reconstructing the PCB etching area to
use less space. Most of the needed tooling is now moved. Still getting shelving installed into the existing cabinets for
storing products and PCB's. Have 10 more 150Ah 12V batteries still to move. As usual, there is more to do, back to
9/10/11 Wow how time flies...  Getting the lab setup is mostly done but some is ongoing with my high amp pack finally
'installed' and operational. Available work surface area is comparable to the previous shop up north. The lab pack of
12 SVR batteries had 2 die after light use for calibrating controllers, rendering it useless. Later found out the vendor
indicated the manufacturer no longer makes them -no replacements available- thus re-purposing the high amp pack
for that task. Still work to do on the Scirocco, needing a cooling fan on the motor and wiring changes to the front
AGM pack (more amp capability) and be sure its roadworthy. On the design front, working on a high amp 240VAC
charger. Revised the LionMon BMS system for lower cost due to the high system board count.. Looking at reducing
I/O pin count on the BMS system. While its easily implemented, the safety factor is reduced due to the full-system
topology. Once the detection scheme is foolproof, the revisions will be implemented to reduce system wiring. As
usual, there is more to do, back to work!
10/20/11 Switching out a thermal transfer material for the DC-DC to a 'better one' certainly has its challenges. The
new material has some surface material (for lack of a better word) which requires cleaning & baking to dry it out
thoroughly. Its been a time sink more than anything else. Also have a better feedback scheme and more accurate
OVP settings for it as well. Its gotten a considerable upgrade in performance over the last few months! Back to work
12/17/11 With Christmas right around the corner, I'll take this time to give thanks to the many Belktronix customers
over the last year. While at times the market was bouncing around, EV work still progressed, customers got what they
needed to get their EV's on the road. So with the hope of a better year coming and reflecting on things past, we here
hope you have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!....and as always, gotta get back to work!
12/29/11 With the recent passing of a close family member, work will be delayed for the next few weeks.
Sorry for the delay.
3/10/12 Much has changed over the last few months, the good news was construction was finished a few months ago
and things are getting back to normal. Lab space is smaller and partitioned for Lab / Shop work areas now. Build
orders are progressing as well. New designs are coming down the pipeline as well, stay tuned! Back to work....
4/4/13 OUCH, its been a long time since I've edited this page. Likely I lost the folks who visited here to see what's  up
over the last entry. Ok, well guess there's a new bunch to drop by and visit. Had to shuffle my lab to the garage to get
working times in my favor. Have more space, need to reorganize things to my liking. Board fabs are moving along to
build up some inventory to get projects on the done side sooner. Well gotta run but back to work....