Split Kits
Seeing competitor's hardware sell for much more than this semi-integrated system with all electrical components to
make your vehicle a roadworthy EV is motivation to create this kit, more EV's on the road for less $$$.

Ok, the concept is simple: Separate the traction portion of the system and make it available for sale.

144V 500A Traction kit includes: Controller, Potbox, Vehicle Integrator, Main Contactor & 12V Controller cooling
fan. These items are necessary to have a functional EV sub-system without searching for and buying any of the
individual pieces (after you've spent much for the controller already). The externals will operate on 12V (your vehicle
battery) so all that is needed for the pack is a 24V tap. If need be a traction pack you can use an isolated  12V to 24V
DC-DC converter.

The controller can be configured to run down as low as 24V and up to 144V for a pack. The vehicle integrator voltage
is factory set (and field changeable) to detect and sequence power to the controller correctly. If your needs change
down the road, you can change the set-point by replacing 1 socketed component in the vehicle integrator to operate
at other pack voltages.

The cost for all this hardware is tentatively set to $1000. Get your wire and lugs, this kit, and get your EV on the road
for much less than you would expect going 'the other' route. You can choose your own charger and DC-DC converter
to complete your EV system either with separate Belktronix components, or other EV vendors. The Vehicle Integrator
has ports to interface to Belktronix components, so only the component is needed to be integrated into the system.

If you're considering a dual motor setup, all you need is a second Belktronix controller and cooling fan. The entire
setup would be calibrated at the factory. A single controller cannot be sold as a stand-alone unit. Contact Belktronix
for more information and pricing.

First changeover using a Split Kit replacing a Curtis 1231C