LinkPro E meter High Voltage Adapter
The new LinkPro Adapter is here! AND it sells for the same price as the other Belktronix High Voltage Adapters sell
for! This Adapter comes ready to install and use. With the lower power draw than the Link 10 family, you can use this
from the 12V battery tap from the traction pack (if you are able to balance the pack a little during charging). Be sure
you have isolated outputs for any optional E meter features or interfacing to a PC.
Initiated 9/13/09
Updated 1/16/10
E meter Adapter Description:

This sealed High Voltage Adapter allows the
LinkPRO series of E meters to work at higher
voltages, up to 370VDC traction pack voltages. This
low cost solution provides accurate voltage scaling,
with overvoltage protection and noise filtering for the  
E meter.

To configure the E meter for higher voltages, press
Menu until Stat appears. Press right arrow until Func
appears. Press Menu, F1.0 appears. Right arrow until
F6.5 appears. Press Menu again and 1-1 appears.
Right arrow to 1-10, hold Menu button until the
regular display returns.

The voltage on the E meter display will be decimal
shifted and internally scaled to read the battery voltage
correctly. Other E meter settings may require
adjustment, like battery full voltage and alarm settings
(if applicable).

Self Adhesive tape on the protective case allows
simple mounting. Clean off a 1" x 1" flat area that will
serve as a mount, then peel and stick the case to the
cleaned surface.

Basic installation is as follows:
The BPAK side of the Adapter: Red (+) wire to
battery (+). Black (-) wire to shunt load side, not
battery (-).
The LPRO side of the Adapter: Red (+) wire goes to
the E meter V
M terminal. Black wire (-) to terminal.

Standard wire length is 30" for the Battery pack, 30"
for the E meter) Optional lengths available at the time
of order.

To order, jump to the
Pricing page.
Installation manual click

Twist wiring to improve noise immunity.
Photo of High Voltage Adapter