LiFePO4 Cell Testing 0-600A (initially)
Initiated 12/21/10
Tested a LFP060
cell from
ThunderSky and
reached 60Ah with a
cutoff of 2.85V
(customer specified)
60A draw.

Cell Temperature
Blue (+) terminal
Grn (-) terminal
Wh is cell center
When put to a 240A
load, the cell
managed to run for
slightly over a
minute before the
tester shut down.
Oddly enough the
datasheet indicates
a 5C test for much
longer than this.

It's a 11/2008 cell as
confirmed by T/S.

Also its difficult to
find which datasheet
is relevant to any
particular cell since
no dates are
indicated on them.
Cycling the cell at
0.2C discharge and
0.5C charge 3x
didn't change a
thing. Its likely a
1C-MAX cell
The CALB 70Ah cell
was tested as well to
see how it would do
next to its cousin T/S.

With smaller holes
on the sense
brackets, the post
thermals would
report lower
temperatures than
they do in this plot.

The 70Ah test
delivered in excess
of 70Ah (not shown)

Surely this cell has
the capability to be a
Pba killer, 500A for
45 seconds is plenty
of amps to get your
EV on the move.