800A DC Motor Controller
Here's the new 800A DC Motor
Controller. The 2 additional ports are
for interfacing to dashboard lights
(temp and CCM), isolated 150mA
I/O configuration top to bottom:
+24V input tap from battery pack
PWM input                Temp output
Enable input              CCM output  
What CCM provides is the point where
the PWM duty cycle of the controller is
maximum, and motor current begins to
fall (during full throttle). That point is
the max battery HP (V x A) to the
motor. During normal operation, it
remains lit being under closed loop
current control.
Power In / Outputs are arranged on
the opposite side from inputs. A cross
bracket will mount the fan and
enclosure to the vehicle chassis. Its
similar to the earlier enclosure at the
bottom of this
Still working on the specs page for this system, so stay tuned!