2.4kW Dual AC input Charger Option
The New 2.4kW Dual Charging System
is here, with (2) 1200W AC inputs that
allow charging at work from 2 different
120VAC outlets to speed charge your
From left to right:
DC/DC output section
DC/DC enable / disable
OVP input for charger (bottom)
FAN output for external 48V cooling fan
AC IN (both) for 120VAC - 240VAC
Charg outputs Pos and Neg for charger
Circuit breakers for AC inputs

The new charging system is designed
to interface with existing Belktronix
charge system hardware (BatMon's &
Still working on the specs page for this system, so stay tuned!
120VAC voltage inputs from 2 different
circuit breakers on different AC lines.

Its not necessary to locate the different
branches (phasing) for the AC inputs,
you ideally want a circuit breaker in the
panel box for each AC input rated at
15A or higher, otherwise you will trip a
single breaker with both AC inputs
connected to the same circuit breaker
in the panel box.
As a result of differing AC voltages
coming in, as a result, slightly different
currents on the AC lines. This is to
reduce brownout conditions where the
PFC will adjust the output power

When you're charging at work, you
don't want to be popping breakers and
shutting down anything! Then the boss
will see red as you try to be green
when you plug in your EV!